Weeds: Friend or Foe? Oh, to be as resilient and persistent as a weed!  Are they out to get us or can they be a blessing?  Discover the many weeds out there that can be food, medicine or best composted.  Charleston Herbalist Pat Harpell will guide you on a journey that might brighten your perspective on the ubiquitous weed.

Growing & Preparing Ginger and Turmeric: Lucky for us, these powerful warming anti-inflammatory herbs can easily grow in our bioregion.  Having the knowledge to grow your own medicine is true wisdom. Tips for preparation are included in this class so you can have your ginger and eat it too.  Rebecca McKinney is the Sustainable Agriculture Program Coordinator for Greenville Technical College

Seed Saving: Real resilience lies in who controls the seed.  Rediscover the amazing traditional art of seed saving in this hands on class...you will get to take something home to plant!  Joe-Ann McCoy runs the Germplasm Repository at the NC Arboretum and currently works to bring the genetics of the Cherokee plants back to the people.

Culinary Herbs for Healing Meals: How wonderful that the herbs and spices you already have on the kitchen shelf contain so many healing properties.  Enrich your world as you learn how to apply these spices in a medicinal as well as culinary way to have super tasty healing meals.  Pat Harpell again enlightens us in practical culinary enchantment.

Keynote - Emotions, Health and Eating: The health of your internal spaces are just as important as the care of your food sources and their production. Discover a healthy relationship with your internal process around why you are eating. Learn to clear emotions that keep you from feeding that space with foods. Jackie Woods, Spiritual Teacher; Founder and Director of the Adawehi Wellness Community will inspire a deeper connection within to bring your outer world in harmony with the inner around your health and food.

Mushrooms for Immunity: Amazing breakthroughs in the field of mycology, the study of mushrooms, are revealing just how connected we are to the kingdom of fungi.  Whether healing the land or the body, mushrooms are a key player in health.  Tradd Cotter of Mushroom Mountain will astonish you with his tales from the field to the lab.

Potato Gardening in Containers: The energy and nutrition in homegrown plants has been estimated to be 1000 times more potent than anything you can buy.  Imagine having beautiful containers of leafy greens that actually produce food!  Rachel Merriwether of Merriwether Gardens, and Green River Preserve Farm Program will teach us how to grow potatoes and  sweet potatoes in containers...so no land?  No problem!

The Art and Science of Herbal Tea: Herbal tea can be powerful medicine, a delicious nurturing beverage and we hope BOTH!  In this class you will learn the art of tea formulation, properties of some common herbs and how to brew up a blend of herbs that taste great as well as offer some balm to the body and spirit.  Pat Harpell again enchants us with her wisdom of the plants.

What’s Healthful to Eat in 2018? What companies can we trust?  Are the products we think are healthy actually good for you to eat? In the changing climate of food resources, it takes someone who consistently does the research to be on top of this fast paced food chain.
Carrie Beason, buyer for Beneficial Foods Organic Grocery at Adawehi, is here to enlighten us on how to choose wisely.

Drumming:  Plants love music and so do we!  Rhythms, especially drumming serve to ground us and connect us.  Our celebrity musicians, Lori and Jeff Holland will lead a drum circle which welcomes dancing if you are so moved.