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June Ellen Bradley

Founder of Whole Health Nation

Greetings!  My name is June Ellen Bradley.  I would like to introduce Whole Health Nation, a vision which was cultivated from years of experience working with people, plants, agriculture, natural medicine and other health empowering practices. Our mission is to expand our collective concept of health while supporting local connections in our communities, and to educate and develop skills that empower people to live a vibrant, health-filled and purposeful life.

My background consists of serving as assistant to the director of Agricultural Economic Development in Polk County for four years, interviewing over 100 farmers, establishing an on-line database; installing an edible and medicinal demonstration garden, and teaching workshops at the Mill Springs Agricultural Center.

I also consulted clients in my herbal medicine practice for seven years while living in a community centered on health. The community grows produce for the on site health food store, local CSA’s and the Polk County Farmers Market. I managed our community’s farmer’s market booth for five years and served on the board of directors for the Farmers Market for three years.  We did a major stream restoration, propagating over 180,000 local plants and trees and the Adawehi community now has a state certified stewardship forest designation in Columbus NC.

I also worked at the NC Arboretum on a grant funded project where we collected, catalogued and prepared extracts of over 2,000 local plants to determine medicinal value at the Germplasm repository.

These experiences planted the seeds for Whole Health Nation. Everyone benefits from abundant community based local food systems, including the health of our planet.  

Whole Health Nation seeks to show people that it is easy to regain control of their health. We empower them with tools to navigate the multi-faceted lifestyle that engenders conscious well-being. We aim to expand mindsets to emphasize the healing potential of shared mealtime, and to consider the importance of clearing emotional blocks that keep us from the true power we are here to manifest.

As one my mentors repeated often; “Your fear level is inversely proportional to your skill level.” We must put health back into the hands of the people, through local food production, community building and culinary delightfulness. Health is a lifestyle of conscious choices, and we are offering forums to explore different modalities, with experts in their respective fields.

We envision coming together as a community around plants and gardening, sourcing local farmers to supply fresh and sustainable produce that in turn nurtures the earth, connecting us all in a common unified purpose. We hope to increase our awareness, skill sets of resilience, and define our daily culinary choices in order support abundant life for all people.