Join us on January 19th, 2019!

Our Keynote Speaker: Russell Woods

“The Secret Name of Health”

We are thrilled to offer the following classes:

  • “Ki Breathing” with Ileana Shaner

  • “Brain and Gut Health” with Dr. Marina Ponton-Arena

  • “Community Living” with Jackie Woods  

  • "The Deflame Diet for Pain and Depression” Dr. David Seaman

  • “Chair Yoga” with Jennifer Woods

  • “Mushrooms for the Nervous System” with Tradd Cotter

  • “Meal Prep Made Easy” with Rodney Foster

  • “Culinary Medicine with Herbs” with June Ellen Bradley

  • ————————————————————-

    Who We Are

A group of herbalists, farmers, educators, doctors and artists bringing a sense of community and joy to cultivating a healthy and nature inspired lifestyle; using food as medicine, your garden as your apothecary, finding sanctuary in the streets of your city. 

Starting as a seed in 2018 in the community of Greenville, SC.

Spreading as a revolution across the world.